Guideline prices per person for holidays including flights
departing on or between 16 Sep 2018 and 23 Sep 2018:

Accommodation 1 week 2 weeks
Alkistis (1 Bedroom) , SC, 2 sharing£1651£2821
Alkistis (1 Bedroom) , SC, 3 sharing£1337£2193
Daphne/Phaedra (2-bedroom part SV), SC, 2 sharing£1970£3458
Daphne/Phaedra (2-bedroom part SV), SC, 3 sharing£1473£2466
Daphne/Phaedra (2-bedroom part SV), SC, 4 sharing£1225£1970
Daphne/Phaedra (2-bedroom part SV), SC, 5 sharing£1142£1802
Dimitris/Pan Pan (2-bedroom SV), SC, 2 sharing£2061£3640
Dimitris/Pan Pan (2-bedroom SV), SC, 3 sharing£1534£2587
Dimitris/Pan Pan (2-bedroom SV), SC, 4 sharing£1271£2061
Dimitris/Pan Pan (2-bedroom SV), SC, 5 sharing£1178£1875
Artemis/Niovi/Tower (3-bedroom), SC, 3 sharing£1898£3315
Artemis/Niovi/Tower (3-bedroom), SC, 4 sharing£1544£2607
Artemis/Niovi/Tower (3-bedroom), SC, 5 sharing£1351£2221
Artemis/Niovi/Tower (3-bedroom), SC, 6 sharing£1235£1989

Please note: we individually tailor our holiday packages and can offer flexible durations and a choice of regional departure airports. The guideline prices quoted are per person, based on the stated occupancy, and include typical midweek flights from Gatwick and car hire (2-4 people Group B1, 5 people D1, 6 people F1). Please contact us for a personalised quote for your preferred dates and flight options.