Pine-fringed shorelines, beautiful beaches, a wealth of remarkable historical sites, stunningly diverse landscapes, delicious traditional cuisine and warm, hospitable people are just some of the aspects of Turkey that lure an ever-increasing number of visitors back year after year. Spanning two continents - Europe and Asia - Turkey has always been at the crossroads of east and west and today offers an intoxicating blend of impressions, a heady cocktail of scents, a fascinating fusion of sights and sounds. Turkey's sheer size means that it is impossible to explore the whole country in a single holiday, but even within the south-west corner, where the majority of our accommodation is based, the scenery is astonishingly varied, ranging from lush estuaries sheltered by long sandy beaches to truly majestic mountain ranges cloaked in fragrant pine forests.

Turkey is a wonderfully diverse country and has something for everyone. Seen as the bridge between Europe and Asia it has a fascinating mix of cultures. It is also rich with history having been host to several major civilizations, and there are numerous archaeological sites and grand historic buildings to bear witness to this. It is also a country blessed with amazing landscapes. The coastal areas of Turkey boast wonderful beaches and sailing opportunities, while the many mountain ranges host stunning walks. As you travel around the country, the constantly changing scenery is a delight and provides for a wide variety of wildlife. In spring the flowers are spectacular and migratory birds add to the native fauna. The land is also agriculturally rich in many areas and the combination of really fresh food and the historical influences of different cultures has resulted in traditional Turkish cooking being some of the worlds finest. The genuine warmth and hospitality of Turkish people is also legendary. Whatever style of holiday you have chosen, whether in a rural location, a small resort, the fascinating city of Istanbul or exploring, you can be sure of a warm welcome.